#4474820, By near Looks like Watchmen is going ahead

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    I went to see it last night, and well hands down it was just short of incredible. I've never read the comics, nor knew anything about the story, and I went into the movie with small expectations. I think that's what did it for me. I loved the screenplay, absolutely brilliant, the directing was awesome, and the visual effects were pretty good. I knew the movie was going to be long before hand, but when watching it, it really didn't feel long at all, the time just flew by. I think that says alot about how interesting scene transitions were. I really want to go see it again, and I just might do that. Easily the best film I've seen since in months. There wasn't a moment were I thought the movie was just dragging on, the script was too good for that to occur. I tip my hat to the entire cast and production team for pulling this off very well. 9/10
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