#8752358, By Tremendosaurus Max Payne 3 Official Thread of Slow Motion Awesomeness

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    Reacher wrote:
    On Chapter 5.

    OH.MY .DAYS.

    What a game!

    Jumping out of a lift on the top floor of the stadium, slow mo down all the stairs shooting 6 out of 7 guys with headshots on the way down then landing at the bottom, re-loading and full capping the guy standing right in front of me as my bullet time ran out.. which left as it came back to real time, be "click click clicking" as all the bodies hit the floor around me.... Right there, the best thing I have ever done in a game...and no-one was around to see it.

    At that point, I fell in love with it.
    Can't disagree with that sentiment :)

    All I wanted out of this game really was for it to be as fun killing people as the original (not in a psycho way), and to make replaying fights easy. This ticks both boxes.

    Now if its possible for someone to make a kung fu mod this may become my most replayed game of 2012.
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