#8763746, By Max Payne 3 Official Thread of Slow Motion Awesomeness

  • Deleted user 7 June 2012 14:47:59
    Got this on the PC, played about 5 hours so far. I'm up to Chapter 11, on the boat.

    So far, it's merely quite good. Some very good moments, none really that great. Nice gunplay, although slightly clunky. Far too many cutscenes. Verging on game-breaking. Uninspired level design. Monotonous. Pacing isn't great compared to the best in the genre.

    It does one thing (shooting guys in the face and watching their heads come apart) and it does it really well. But, its not enough. Shooting needs to go hand-in-hand with pacing, enemy encounters and level design and this just doesn't cut the mustard.

    It's a 7/10 so far from me. Might get bumped to an 8 by the end of Chapter 14, but it'd have to do someting pretty damn special before the end.
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