#9302021, By frugtkompot Max Payne 3 Official Thread of Slow Motion Awesomeness

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    WoodenSpoon wrote:
    frugtkompot wrote:
    I don't recall playing any other game this generation with this many cheap deaths and unnecessary repetition (because of so many almost instant deaths).
    Don't play Dark Souls.
    Gave up on Dark Souls after getting frustrated with the first level :) I acknowledge that some people play for a genuine challenge. I'm more interested in an engrossing experience. We're all different that way, I suppose.

    I'm playing Max Payne 3 on normal. Think I'll consider putting it down on easy for the remainder, because it's fun enough when things aren't being cheap. I hope they take this shooting formula, works a little on movement and integrate some of the best aspects in GTA V.

    It would be even better if the environments wasn't so confined. You can do a lot of awesome jumps and slow-mo moves, but most of them are directly into a wall.
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