#2282092, By Tezzer The "Heroes" US Pace TV Thread

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    Decent episode! I would agree maybe not as hugely exciting as everyone expected but still pretty good, i prefer to stay loyal to the show then become a harsh critic. Too many people (maybe not here) have been judging this show as a action-thriller, we gotta remember its about the drama too!

    Heroes vs Sylar was quite funny when they came together and all had a go at him.
    Parkmen though...hes got balls...but even he shud know that hes not gonna do much damage, iv cringed many a time during the series when he recklessly runs into danger only equip with mind-reading and a gun. Hopefully hes OK ;D
    The ending was a bit cheesy but we all love a bit of cheese everynow and then.

    I'm eager to see whats to happen in the next series/volume two, sylars still alive (supposedly) but whats the threat to the world now??? hmm...
    I thought the warrior on the horse was going to take off his mask and it would be Ando lol(the actor that plays him that is..) just for a nice little cameo, but yer it might of been hiros dad, taking a random guess his story could be somthing to do with being alive for centurys :S

    Well till volume two everyone
    Good fight, Good Night
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