#4785398, By Shinji North Korea detonated Nuke?

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    Er, yeah. 4.7 isn't "slightly" higher than 4.3 on the Richter scale, it's about five times higher A 4.3 quake is equivalent to around a 3 or 4 kiloton bomb; 4.7 is around 12 to 15 kilotons. That's the difference between a small test that levels a couple of city blocks, and the bomb that knocked down most of Hiroshima.

    I have no idea how those figures are affected by the detonation being underground. I guess they could look artificially low as a result (the collapsing ground would dampen the tremors, maybe?), which explains why news outlets are talking about a Nagasaki-scale bomb (32 kiloton).

    Either way, it wasn't a fizzle.
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