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    deathgibbon wrote:
    The same McClaren who just won the Eredivisie for with FC Twente and was England's most successful manager last season?
    Kuyt was proflic in Holland. That tells you all you need to know about it. Seriously though, are you putting him in the same bracket as the other names?

    And I didn't claim he wasn't one of the best you have in defence. It's just depressing if that's the case.
    Its depressing to be able to call on an experienced defender who can cover all across the back four? Look down at all the second/third tier teams. Are their third choice/utility men that much better? France got to the final last time with Silvestre in their squad.

    Did you see the England game? He was made to look like a carthorse.
    Hold the front page! He got done for pace! John Terry got skinned alive by Paraguay in 2006. Should have dropped him.

    He's got to be one of the jammiest fuckers in the Premier League.
    If he's been that lucky over the last decade, then I'd have him in the squad just as mascot. Seriously, do people really believe in "consistent" luck?
    He commits some atrocious fouls,
    Hang him, he's clearly shit. And such a bad disciplinary record. Oh wait...
    and it's a wonder he gets away with it as much as he does.
    Yeah must be luck and conspiracy by the referees maybe?
    He's Mr. Last Ditch, but it rarely has to come to that.
    I dont understand this sentence, but put it this way, I'd rather he made a last ditch tackle, than not be there.

    Didn't say anything about them being "upstanding". I think they're a bunch of cunts too.
    All professional footballers, even Jimmy Bullard are cunts. We have a team of cunts. So do Argentina, Italy, France, Spain and Brazil. The least cuntish are Germany ffs!

    Scholes retired to focus on his club career, not because he felt unloved.
    Yup, nothing to do at all with him being shifted out to the left to accomodate Gerrard and Lampard. No way.

    Nice effort though, but you should really leave it to us people who post regularly and don't sit F5'ing until someone says our name.
    Yeah, I clearly should. Its far better just lol'ing at the ignorance, trolling and knee jerking from some of you than having to get my quoting right.
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