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    Greggywocky... wrote:
    phAge wrote:
    As horrible as it might sound, I think we should learn from american football: AFAIK each head coach gets one... contestation?... per... quarter?... that allows him to stop play and make the ref look at TV images. If he's right, his... contestation... isn't used.

    It might slow the game down, but so does blatant filming and horible mistakes like the two today.

    I said this earlier. Often there are stoppages of more than a minute for fouls etc, but for some reason a quick pause that would probably take 30 secs to verify an important decision is frowned down upon. Madness.

    It wouldn't take 30 seconds either. This WC does have some excellent producing. More like 5-10 seconds and you have replays from all possible angles.
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