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    crisotunity wrote:

    Shinji and HairyArse: don't even try to explain this whole business model, as its genious will always evade your tiny little minds.

    To recap, the consumer (also known as the turkey that welcomes Christmas) is now enjoying the following:
    paying for internet connection; paying for the gaming hardware; paying for the software; paying for unlockable content which is already part of the software that s/he has already bought; paying for the privilege of utilising the online aspect of the game s/he has already bought, on an interweb connection that s/he already pays for; paying for the privilege of downloading adverts and interactive adverts (demos).

    We love next gen!

    In all seriousness, maybe Eurogamer writers should offer their views and initiate discussion around the whole net neutrality issue; and on how this sort of money-grabbing activity more or less helps to establish a two-tier system by default in consumers' mindsets (and before anyone starts flaming, Microsoft does not want a two-tier internet either, so these latest developments are even more puzzling in this context...)
    In other news, I'll keep buying it all just to piss the poor people off. Oh no what are you going to do about it, rise up as one and overthrow the magazine racks at your local gamestop?
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