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    FIFA 07 is without doubt the hardest game in the series I've ever had to assess, because in so many fundamental ways it kicks PES off the park, yet there appear to be an equal number of similarly crucial things that PES still does better than FIFA. Both play a great game of football, but it's no longer a clear-cut decision to recommend one over the other. If you could fuse the pace, excitement, licensing, online play, presentation and free-flowing accessibility of FIFA with the solidity of PES' peerless AI, satisfying tackling and spot-on passing game we'd have the perfect football game. Sadly, there's major room for improvement in the pair of them.
    From the review.

    Thing is, I don't want any of that guff in Pro Evolution Soccer. I like how achieving those things is possible only by a skilled and practiced player. Sure, the series is hardly accessible for the new player.....but then, that's why Fifa exists! For those that can't or don't want to cut it in Konami's opus. Each to their own and all that. But in Pro Evolution Soccer, you can rip opponents apart with devastating waves of pacey attack after pacey attack. It just takes time to get your game in order. Kind of like real life, I suppose. I haven't played Pro Evolution Soccer 6 yet, so I can't comment on it, but for me, Pro Evolution Soccer 5 is as close to perfection as any football game has come so far. It is simply, utterly and truly peerless in my eyes.

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