#1763392, By style How much do you enjoy online gaming?

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    My friend recently got an Xbox 360, and has availed of the free first month of Xbox Live Gold membership that you get with the machine. The other day, we were chatting about online multiplayer gaming, as I had never pegged him as a gamer before, never mind an online game. He has GRAW and PES6 by the way. He seems to like it (online gaming), but is very self-depreciative about the way he gets his ass handed to him regularly online! In particular, he was scathing of his failure to register even one kill thusfar in GRAW!! My advice to him was to not stretch himself too thin. If he wants to enjoy online gaming, it's imperative that he sticks primarily to one or two games, that he may get competitive at them and enjoy them more for it.

    This got me thinking. I have 8 Xbox Live titles in my collection (not including sequels). 99% of my online time is spent with Pro Evolution Soccer 5, but I do play any and all of the others every so often. More for novelty purposes than anything else. The reasons are two-fold. One, well, I just love Pro Evolution Soccer 5! It's my favourite game ever, ever, ever. But I also play it because I'm quite good at it, meaning I'm competitive, meaning I enjoy myself more. However, I find myelf wondering if this is a good thing, and questioning the enjoyment factor of online gaming in general.

    On the one hand, I could play all of my other Live games more, and never get especially great at any of them. The upshot being that I'd be consistently "owned" leading to frustration, zero fun, and disillusionment across the board. Conversely, my concentrated efforts with Pro Evo 5 have led to me developing somewhat of an ego. I'm not one of these sad cunts that takes games to seriously, and want to win at all costs, but I do hate losing, simply because...well, human nature I suppose. I've played so much of the game, and have developed a certain amount of competency at it, that my ego gets easily bruised if I get the mickey taken out of me by an opponent online.

    I'm wondering how the wider EG community finds online gaming. Can you truly stick to the play-for-fun mantra if you are getting drubbed in multiple games? Or, if you specialise at one or two games, can you really avoid that competitive ego from developping?
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