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  • Beats 26 Feb 2007 10:53:10 303 posts
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    Got this yesterday (traded in LCS and got it for just 12).
    Played about 4 hours yesterday and so far I'm absolutely loving this game. The character of the city is brilliant and really reminded me of why I loved Vice City on the PS2 so much.

    The missions are also pretty good. I'm just on the bit now where I can either put the crates on the back of Phil's van in the burning warehouse or grenade the 2 vans.
    Both are pretty tricky but are still great fun at the same time.

    And the soundtrack - amazing! There's nothing like ploughing down pedestians in a pickup truck whilst listening to Blue Monday!

    The only thing that concerned me when playing this is how easily you can lose the police pursuits. Quite a few times I had 2 stars chasing me, I found 1 escape star and then both of them lose me!? I guess on the plus side it'll make some of the missions a little easier later on though.

    And with regards to a few comments on here - I agree, the quad bike handling was the worst in a GTA game ever. I just hope that the jetskis handle better, as I'm really looking forward to that.

    Are there any missions where I get to fly a plane?
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