#1767035, By style Gears of Hypocrisy

  • style 1 Nov 2006 00:05:55 416 posts
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    Personally, I don't get this "It's just another 3rd person shooter" argument. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if Max Payne was fun in 2002, why can't Gears of War be fun in 2006? Not that they're comparable games or anything. I'm just struggling to think of too many remotely decent 3rd person shooters. My overriding point though is, how come these lofty expectations suddenly develop every 'new' gen, where everyone expects every game to reinvent the wheel? Gears of War may not exactly be innovative or cerebral, but damn, it looks to be the best 3rd person shooter that I've ever seen. It looks fun. Is that not enough???

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