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    I remember buying my first ever TV for use with a games console when I was a student, I was surprised when I was asked to supply my name and address, without even a second of hesitation I supplied the name and address of an utter ponce whom I knew already had a license.

    You would think that would keep the BBC off my back, but it didn't. They sent letters to every address I ever lived at whilst I was a student, they didn't even know who was living where, letters were addressed to Occupant 1st floor, 2nd floor etc. They were fishing, hoping to scare people into paying.

    They're still annoying me even now years later, with a constant need for assurance that I'm not watching TV, I keep a television for one reason, one reason only, playing console games.

    All in all it's the shady, unpalatable side of the BBC. Anybody resident in the UK without a license is treated as a potential license fee dodger if it comes to their attention. Innocent until proven guilty? Pish posh!

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