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    Reading through MCV this morning, I found an article by Nick Parker to be quite interesting.

    Basically, he criticised the 'sales' figures given out by hardware manufacturers and called for more honesty (as in tell us how much you've sold to 'consumers' as opposed to retail etc).

    He came up with some figures up to the end of September this year based on 'various respected industry sources' and they were:

    PS2: 93.7m
    GameCube: 20.3m
    Xbox: 22m
    Xbox 360: 4.6m
    DS: 24m
    PSP: 14.2m

    What I find interesting is that the original Xbox only sold 1.7m more than the GC, but the perception is that it sold A LOT more.

    Also, DS sold more than the original Xbox!

    And almost twice as much as PSP.

    Well, *I* found it interesting anyway...

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