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    sanctusmortis wrote:
    Yeah, I need to get me that done. I want to go to the Deathclaw Sanctuary to get Vengeance, and I've heard the best way to take the lovable little bastards out is to dart them and then do the finishing up close and personal...

    When facing more than one or two of them, particularly in a tight space (for example, the narrow passageways of the Deathclaw Sanctuary) a dart gun (or MIRV :p) is virtually essential. Saved my life numerous times.

    By the way, don't forget to pick up the Endurance (I think) Bobblehead while you're there - it's a short way down from where you enter.

    nekotcha wrote:

    Yeah, I'm doing that now, but my point was that earlier on in the game you don't have a house and have to lug the stuff around with you. I suppose I could've dumped everything in a random locker somewhere but I wasn't sure it would actually get saved there (or, for that matter, that it wouldn't just get nicked if you want to keep it within the rules of the game world :)).

    Guess I'm fortunate that the bomb disposal quest was one of the first quests I completed after emerging into the bright light of the Wastelands. I always make sure to do it first when I start a new game nowadays.
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