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    Psychotext wrote:
    Farzlepot wrote:
    Nobody. That's who.
    An albino radscorpion would give it a good go if it could get close enough.

    Also, liberty prime would kick your arse. :D

    Those new radscorpions aren't as tough as I thought they'd be to be honest. Possibly because I took that perk that lets you deal an extra 50% damage to insects the first time I was ever killed by a Giant Radscorpion (which also happened to be the first time I ever encountered a Giant Radscorpion).

    If you ask me, those Reavers are murderous bastards though. Only thing I have that'll kill those before they send me hurtling backwards is a Nuka-Grenade.

    And to whomever said they used Dart Guns on Deathclaws; you sir, are a gargantuan wuss!
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