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    I'm no football game man - is the AI in Fifa 07 better on the 360 than it is on other platforms?
    I would say yes, personally. I rented Fifa 07 on the Xbox last weekend, and whupped the game on World Class, within an hour or two of booting up the game. No such luck with the 360 version though. From my experience, it was a lot harder. In saying that though, PES6, a PS2 game, has better AI. Make of that what you will.


    So do you suppose they could have made the game harder just for the 360 or would you put it down to better processing power allowing for more complex AI? Did you notice the computer doing anything that you don't think would be computable on the Xbox?
    As I said before, the machine is only nine-tenths of the law. It is ultimately down to a developer to make things happen. In that sense, within EA towers, and the talent they have at their disposal, I do believe that the 360 version was only do-able on a 360. Let's just say that the opposition felt independent. Each opposing player was an individual entity that needed passing, as opposed to the Xbox version where they moved as a block, and I found it extremely easy to learn their collective routine, and shoot at will.

    Of course, I will muddy the water by saying Pro Evolution Soccer 6 trumps both, and pretty significantly as well, even though it is very much a PS2 game. Which goes back to my developer-centric argument. A game is only as advanced as the developer behind it. Fifa 07 on the 360 is not better than PES6 simply because, in my opinion, Konami are just better at their job, full stop. However, when Konami develop a proper next gen PES title, I fully expect it to be superior to the current (last?) gen versions in every way, AI very much included.

    Does that answer your question?

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