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    Meh, I ended up with a free PS3 starter pack and I wasn't terribly impressed by Resistance tbh. After superior shooters such as Halo3 or even the CoD4 beta, this just feels bland and uninteresting. Gears did boring gray walls so much better! I can kind of see the appeal in the guns and such, but the aiming really isnt all that (partly the SIXAXIS' fault this). Co-op was a hoot for a bit, but unless it really picks up (im more or less done with the Chimera factory, im guessing its the fourth level maybe) i dont think ill be playing this again to be honest. :/

    The game is long, there's plenty of stuff to see. The graphics is pretty good even though it is limited by the style of course.

    Tweak the sensitivity if you have problems with the aiming.

    Its not a matter of tweaking the sensitivity: The sticks stand too much out of the controller to my liking, and there is a noticable dead zone, apparent in other games as well.
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