#1793017, By PondScum PS3 on BBC Breakfast

  • PondScum 10 Nov 2006 09:48:55 367 posts
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    This one of the worst articles I have ever seen, and makes me wonder if the BBC know sweet FA about EVERYTHING they cover.

    Their "technology correspondant" kept referring to the drive as a DVD drive, and saying the PS3 will be useful for people wanting a DVD player at home. Ahem - I believe the phrase you were looking for is Blu-Ray - if you want a cheap DVD player, get an Xbox1 or PS2!

    Then after the shock of the price with the bloke, the silly tart said "well, you can get rid of your games console, your hifi and your laptop so 500 quid isn't too bad"!! Yeah - ditch my Denon for a PS3. And I can do everything I can on a laptop on a PS3. It has a web browser out of the box. Comparisons end there.

    Honestly, it made me realise that the stupidity of the average person combined with the Sony hype machine is what will win Sony this next gen marketplace :-((
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