#1808305, By LlamaFarmer I played the Wii today!

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    This morning in Glasgow (Buchanen Galleries if you're in the area) was the start of three days of demoing the Wii. They've got it set up like a family living room, and they were only showing Wii Sports. Everyone got a go, I chose tennis because from what I've heard it's a good introduction to the remote. It was really easy to pick up, and I was surprised at how solid the remote was. I was also happy to see that you could do more than simply hit it back, power and angle make a big difference, and I was really getting into it.

    I was there just as it was starting out, so it was mostly a few gamers, but by the time I was leaving, other shoppers were starting to hang around and take interest, and join the queue for a go.

    It was a shame they weren't showing other games, but I guess the idea was to show the potential of the remote and get non/casual gamers to try it out.

    I also had a quick hold of the nunchuk attachment, seemed pretty comfortable, but can't say much more since I didn't play with it. Looking to pick up Zelda at launch, and I've got high hopes that the control system will work well with it.

    Apart from that, I'm looking forward to games like Trauma Centre and other games that make good use of the remote. I also hope FPS games like Red Steel and CoD3 work well, but I have a few doubts, but I'll wait and see. My main concern at the moment is that there won't be that many of the games I usually like, games with a good story and characters, but hopefully like the DS, developers will see the potential and start to get some really unique, fun games out there. It could reinvent the adventure game, breathe life into the shooter yadayadayada, but it could just as easily become the console of sub-par ports with gimmicky controls.

    I have faith though, and I don't think I'll regret getting the Wii at launch.
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