#1808503, By LlamaFarmer I played the Wii today!

  • LlamaFarmer 16 Nov 2006 13:34:15 21 posts
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    Nearly everyone, including me, were playing with exaggerated movements. Some people just swung their hands, I turned around when doing backhands and did overheads for the serve etc. I'm sure you could get away with doing much less, but it felt right the way I was doing it, and the remote gave a good response, with a bit of a buzz every time you hit the ball making it feel like you were really hitting something.

    I don't play golf but I could see that someone in front of me had an absolutely terrible swing, and that was replicated in his shots, which veered off every time.

    I think making minimal movement would take some of the fun away from the game, but I don't think it's necessary to run round like a madman, it isn't and never will be real tennis, so somewhere in between will probably be my mode of play for most games.

    I'm gonna look like a right idiot swinging my sword about in Zelda :)
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