#1808810, By LlamaFarmer I played the Wii today!

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    minkyqueen wrote:
    ProfessorLesser wrote:
    LlamaFarmer wrote:
    I don't play golf but I could see that someone in front of me had an absolutely terrible swing, and that was replicated in his shots, which veered off every time.
    mouse wrote:
    Every single person on the stand was grinning from ear to ear. That's got to say something. It fucking works.
    Can anyone tell me how golf's shaping up if you've played it more recently than I have?

    I only ask because it's the once thing that I can say with complete confidence did not work when I tried it. And no, I was not just being shit.

    Well, I was pretty rubbish for the first round, but the demo guy helped me with my swing and I was getting things spot on after that. Definitely the most challenging game control-wise.

    When I saw it played there was the terrible person and someone who's swing looked better playing, and this did make a big difference on where their ball went. Having not played it though, I can't tell how responsive it is, and I've read that it's hard to control the power and a lot of how far the ball will go is down to luck.
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