#1812265, By LlamaFarmer I played the Wii today!

  • LlamaFarmer 17 Nov 2006 16:24:03 21 posts
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    I understand that you don't like the look of it. It's been said before, but once you try it, that's when it "clicks" for some people who were previously "on the fence" and they really enjoy it. Of course, some people never will like it and I'm sure you know whether you'll enjoy it or not. At least you kept an open mind until you saw it, even if you didn't think you'd be impressed.

    About something you said about Zelda: I'm sure it's not worth 180 more than the cube version, but I'm also looking forward to other games such as Mario and Metroid and hopefully some original titles that will play in ways never seem before, I'm buying this potential, which I cannot guarantee will be fulfilled, but I have faith because of what they've done with the DS.

    Anyway, I'm not trying to be negative in any way about your posts, though I hope you do get a go of tennis on the Wii sometime, just so you can see the difference between seeing and playing it, not that I'm suggesting that it'll change you're mind about it. It's good to hear from every angle, from me who can't wait for the 8th (and I am of course fairly biased towards it) to people who are not convinced, even after seeing it.
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