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    kalel wrote:
    I don't buy this. Again, by this token shouldn't LotR been 12 films?
    Not really, the way everything was introduced was much more gradual and incremental. The Hobbit is much different and lurches all over the place. Which would be fine if they were doing it as a separate 'universe', but to tie it into the LOTR feel and narrative makes it trickier.

    And I disagree that it's easier to set up characters in a film - it's just different and more time-intensive as a result, unless you want quick, throw-away ones.

    Edit: disregard that last paragraph, I just thought of a bunch of examples which contradict myself with. Still, it's harder to do with fantasy films where you're meant to have some kind of attachment to the character imo. But yeah, I'm pretty much wrong there.

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