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    Just seen it myself. 48 fps, 3D.


    Does start off slowly. I fucking hated the dwarves at first, but I think Jackson won me over with them eventually. He worked hard at building their comeradery and it pays off by the end I think.

    There some really excellent action, and it just gets better throughout the film. Gandalf kicking arse was great to see.

    In fact, Gandalf is amazing as always. Mckellen is pretty much flawless as always. The dialogue in this and the LotR films was never exactly Shakespeare, but Mckellen can deliver stilted drama like no one else. He'd be the best thing in it if it wasn't for Gollum. He is truly brilliant. Fantastic, fantastic scene.

    3D is shite in this, I wouldn't bother. I love 3D, so that was a disappointment. To me, it didn't seem to be there all the time. I felt I could take my glasses off and see the same depth much of the time. It was clear at other times, but it felt very fleeting. Prometheus/Avatar/Up were all much better for me.

    The 48 fps took me a LONG time to adjust to. I really disliked it for a long stretch but by about 2 hours in, I accepted it. Feelings were mixed amongst my friends. One loved it, another hated it. The picture was absolutely crystal clear though. A lot of the outdoor scenes don't seem to have so much post processing on to me and the vistas look like you are staring out of an open window. Indoors though and up close you could see the actors were caked in make-up. The prosthetics on the dwarves were quite noticeable and the interiors often looked like a set rather than other-world. I think the picture is almost too crisp - the fantasy became reality a wee bit much.

    All in all, thoroughly worth a watch. Going to book my ticket for next year now...
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