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    Jezmando wrote:
    3 hours of 3 films made from one small childrens book.

    I'm going to have to watch it in a week, just calculating. I'll probably have to be a bit drunk to enjoy it.
    To clarify, it's not just based on the Hobbit. They're including a lot of the side stuff from the Silmarrillion and the appendixes. Things that happened at the same time, but weren't actually in that book. I can see why some people might see it as a bit of a cash grab, but it's not like they're just making sequels out of thin air.

    I do think the movie was slightly too long though. The scenes with "old Bilbo" were almost completely unnecessary and there's a few others that could have been shortened or saved for the Extended Edition.

    I loved it though. Definitely not as "epic feeling" as LoTR but that's how it was always going to be. Even adding in the backstory for the Necromancer and such, it just isn't as big a story.
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