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    So, I thought the 3 film thing was taking the piss. I was really worried that HFR would make the entire thing look like a $300M episode of 3D Neighbours. I was worried that a book I loved as a kid had been shat on by a hairy Kiwi and, by association, then pissed on the LOTR film trilogy (which I'm rather fond of).

    Thankfully, I liked the fact that the opening act took it's time. It felt measured and necessary given the sheer number of characters that had to be introduced. It also had the effect of easing me gently back into the world again. In fact, I had no issue with the pacing at all and once leaving the shire it fair zipped along with some superb action and welcome appearances from favourite characters.

    Performances and casting I thought was excellent and even inspired in places. Sylvester McCoy was, surprisingly, particularly brilliant. Martin Freeman's performance too was, free as it was from his usual Gurning, quietly noble and charming.

    So, it was left to HFR to shit on the parade in glorious 48FPS fluidity. It very nearly did. But even my initial overwhelming desire to stand up and shout back at the projection booth "MY EYES YOU FUCK!!" waned midway and I have to admit that it lends 3D a degree of realism and solidity I've not seen before. Ultimately though, when the side-effect is completely undermining subtlety and artistry to the photography, screwing with hues, colour and contrast and leaving you with the feeling that you've just watched the movie as an old school DVD extra, it can quite frankly fuck right off!

    So, it's a testament to my enjoyment of the Movie itself that it didn't matter much by the time the credits rolled. By then I kind of didn't want it to be the end.

    The very worst thing of all in fact, was discovering that Vue have become Cadbury's corporate bitch and have stopped selling Maltesers as a result. The massive shiny cunts!

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