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    In all honesty, this had occurred to me especially with the over-hot contrast in some scenes.

    However, Jackson has spoken about his method of shooting at 48FPS bouncing off of rig-attached mirrors which lead to the need to over-saturate make-up and sets to compensate - although this was less to do with HFR specifically and more the look he wanted. I'll reserve judgement until after my inevitable 2nd and 3rd visit to another cinema.

    The artistry I referred to was more to do with the romantic cinematic look we're brought up with. I've read articles in the past which refer to the mind's suspension of disbelief having a framerate threshold. The closer you approach reality in a moving image, the less likely your brain is to accept it as escapism and fantasy. For my money it's mainly just that. I don't go to the cinema to get closer to real life, quite opposite.

    So when I say it removes the artistry, what I mean is that 48FPS is closer to artisan. It looks solid, not pretty. This goes in general for the differences between shooting on Celluloid Vs. DSLRs and their precise, rigid and realistic accuracy. You can tell if something has been shot digitally, and I'm usually not a fan. 48FPS+ merely exacerbates the issues.
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