#1827131, By Dexter I've got a Wii!!!

  • Dexter 23 Nov 2006 13:42:19 1,060 posts
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    Sid Nice wrote:
    Not only has LennyZero got a Wii; but he has all of these......

    LennyZero wrote:

    I own 7 GBAs, SPs and Micros.

    And 4 DSs, 2 PSPs and a N-Gage.

    I also forgot to mention my 2 Game Gears, 8 Gameboy Colors and 11 Atari Lyxes.

    Oh...and a Neo Geo Pocket.
    These quotes are from a different thread; I think Lenny must have a shop.

    LennyZero is Qualified and I claim my five pounds.
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