#1848441, By The-Storm which connection (hdmi,vga,component) on a 1080p HD telly?

  • The-Storm 1 Dec 2006 12:55:12 327 posts
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    I have tried to search through previous threads about this
    and it just gets more and more confusing.
    I have just bought a telly and still haven't taken it out of the box yet! it's a Sony Bravia 46X2000
    it can display up to 1080p, it has 2 hdmi connections, VGA, scart and component connections.

    I will need to spend some time setting up the tv but to save time.. what is the best connections to use on it?
    hdmi,vga, component?

    Is it just personal preference or is one far superior than the others?

    which specific brand of cable should i buy?

    please advise.
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