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    Pirotic wrote:
    Arg, this thread is going to get me pissed off with our crappy criminal justice system isn't it?

    What I don't understand is, if the back of your car was ruined and that doesn't normally have crumple-zones, the front of the guys car who rear-ended you should be a complete state. Even if the area the accident happened in was poorly lit, I suspect if they really wanted to they could easily find him by checking cameras in the proximity, not many cars would have a completely unroad worthy bonnet.

    If it makes you feel any better, he'll also have to pay for his own repairs because is fled, but to make you feel worse again he probably doesn't even have a licence, or doesn't own the car, which is why he fled.

    The Police said as much re: no license/banned driver..

    I went back afterwards and there was a lot of minor debris on the road like specks of the plastic from the lights and a bit of the car behind's bumper on the verge, but no marks or anything so it's pointless.

    Just need to try and wind down from it. :/
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