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    hello, im new. this thread is just to feed my curiosity.

    anyway, i got a playstation one, no problems none at all. then a playstation 2, then i got problems, just a few. My first PS2 broke, it just decided to stop reding disks - any discs. So i got rid of that. My second PS2 now what happened to that just confuses me. The disc tray broke, so much so you would have to be some sort of jedi to put the cd in. the disc tray would open and close within a second, probably less. It was even too fast to try and catch. how that happened? i dont have clue.

    its not like im new to the console lark either. ive had the following; spectrum zx, master system, mega drive, game boy, playstation, dreamcast, N64 and a couple of playstation 2's. now if playstation 3 is anything like its predecessor ill go bankrupt. I look after my equipment, discs - eveything. So how this happens is beyond me. maybe playstations are badly made?

    anyway ill get to the point, ive had enough of playstations, its not like i was loyal to them anyway. I am curious as to which of the next generation to get, and yes you guessed it from the title of the thread, XBOX 360 is my favourite.

    so would anybody recommend that i should get a XBOX 360? and i dont really care if its not as powerful as the playstation 3. i mean the only thing i would miss if i didnt get a playstation 3 is metal gear solid 4, and they have been getting progressively worse. cool or not.

    so yeah, XBOX 360.


    sorry about the length, i tend to go on when ive got my train of thought.
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