#5341025, By kupocake These Are The BEST Mega Drive Games Ever

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    Robthehood, Khaz... sorry to make it sound like your trip-trapping on my bridge but. Oh god... Sonic CD. I can finally look my parents in the eyes and forgive them for never getting me the Mega CD I wanted so badly every Christmas.

    Because Sonic the Hedgehog CD is utter rubbish.

    Where to start with this monstrosity... Did they have an art director working on this game? Was there some kind of palette limitation that required the use of only the most retina-burning colour schemes they could find? Ok, so the time-travel mechanic adds some depth to a series that had too many sixty-second levels at the time, but why bother making three and a half versions of every zone when the objectives you must achieve are in only one of them? Why oh why did they push the envelope even further on ugly, unresponsive Sonic the Hedgehog special stages?

    I've really tried to like this game these last two years. I've even tried swapping the Japanese soundtrack into an emulated version to cleanse my ears of the shoo-doo-wop they put into the American version and Gems port. It's just rotten to the core and a necessarily discarded artefact from SEGA's splurge period.
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