#1861801, By jamoward My hands-on impression of Motorstorm

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    Dirtbox wrote:
    djchump wrote:
    Dirtbox wrote:
    That's the only issue I have with this thread, it doesn't deliver the title's promise. If it was called "first impression of a PS3 with Motorstorm", I'd have nodded and skipped it.
    That's a particularly anal distinction to make TBH - I think you're being FAR too picky for no particular reason.
    Not at all, Oasis and BGiE piss the whole forum off by titling their threads misleadingly, if you click on a thread offering a layman impression of a game you want what you clicked on, not some bias comparison between two platforms.

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    you clicked on the title offering a hands on impression of this game and that is what you got. you may have got an "opinion" of how the hardware had an affect on this game and for me i would expect that, its helps you form your own vision of the performace of this title.

    your excessive posting in response to this hands on impression, leads to to only a few conclusions.

    1) you have severe OCD and there for cant help your self.

    2) or you are a fanboy and needs to find little errors in titles of threads of blasphemes to defend your beloved ps3.

    TBH i thought this was a great post and very well written
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