#1868809, By jamoward How is the Xbox 360 experience on standard PAL TV?

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    Oasis wrote:
    I was in Dixons today and in their window they have MASSIVE Ssmsung HDTV's. Cost 6000 or something. Truly monstrous in size. And get this, PGR3 was being demoed on it. Except I didn't know at first it was PGR3. I saw cars zipping about, and assumed it was a live camera feed of a race. Hand on heart. Only when the trailer ended and the PGR3 logo came up did I clock it. I swear to Holy fuck I stood their gobsmacked. I couldn't believe what I had just seen. There and then, I became a believer in the HD era. It is now my priority to get a HDTV with my Xbox 360. Okay, maybe not that one, lol. It's a wee bit pricey. But certainly SDTV has got to go when I become a 360 gamer. What I saw today literally opened my eyes to TEH FU7UR3!!11!!

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    me too pal

    ive been playing my 360 on a 42" rear projector for nearly a year now and i allways thought the graphics and picture quality where great.

    i finaly pick up a 32" LCD last night and got the cables from Game to run the xbox360 on HD. i sware to god every game i played looks like a whole diffrent game. i was blown away by the step up in picture on COD3. just fantastic. after takeing the HD i would find it hard to got back to playing on my SDTV.
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