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    I am working on putting up a webpage detailing the travesty that is the PAL Virtual Console service, with the horrors that is 50 Hz borders and slowdown.

    And if you don't believe it is bad, take a look at Sonic: NTSC/PAL difference video on YouTube

    What I would like to have there is a list of which virtual console titles are affected and which are not.

    As far as I know all the SNES/NES/Megadrive-titles are running at 50Hz, but some are optimized, and some aren't. Legend of Zelda for example looks terrible with HUGE borders.

    Turbografx games seem to all be in 60 Hz, which is great, but those aren't really the games I was interested in buying.

    Great if some of you want to contribute by helping me find out which games are messed up. (Buying all the titles isnt really an option for me)

    I've emailed Nintendo of Europe about this of course, it was 11 days ago now and still no response, I also emailed Nintendo of America just to complain about how untalented their European branch is and they responded that all the Nintendo subsidiaries are run independently and they wished me luck in my efforts to get something out of NoE, so I guess I'll keep bugging them, please everyone do so at NintendoServiceCenter@codestorm.co.uk

    Kjetil Svenheim

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