#1900209, By ksvenheim Virtual Console 50Hz travesty

  • ksvenheim 20 Dec 2006 08:25:57 32 posts
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    MadMirko wrote:
    If you insist on playing in the lower NTSC resolution and not at the speed you were used to back in the day, you can complain to Nintendo.

    Which would be partly stupid, because you wouldn't consider complaining to Apple if Gwen Stefani sold a song on iTunes you consider "a travesty". You can complain to Nintendo about their own games.

    OK, now you are being silly. First of all, the NTSC games arent lower resolution than the PAL games, just because the PAL format has a higher resolution. The games are still made for NTSC resolution, stretching it out to a PAL screen doesnt magically add more detail to the picture. So it's irrelevant.

    I would consider complaining to Apple if the version of the Gwen Stefani (or an artist I'd actually buy a song from) song sold in Europe was playing 1/6th slower with a wrong pitch, which is what we are experiencing with the games.

    If you are trying to make an argument; try harder.
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