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    BioSniper wrote:
    Can someone please explain or post a link as to why 60Hz is "that much better" as I have read the full thread and STILL don't really understand.
    I always found on ever TV I've had that 60Hz just goes all scan-liney and looks total pants.

    60Hz in itself isnt "that much better", it's not really the point. The point is that when the games are designed to run at 60 Hz, and are then forced to run at 50 Hz, they get 1/6th slower than they were supposed to be. For the game to run correctly you either have to convert it to the PAL format, which means changing the code so the game runs at a different framerate while maintaining speed, or you have to keep it running at 60 Hz.

    The borders that also come with the PAL/NTSC difference, as seen in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0llsb77Esc
    are because the PAL format does 576 vertical lines of resolution, while NTSC does 480 lines. So when the Wii is sending a 576i/50Hz signal to the TV, with a game that runs in 480i, the extra 96 lines are left blank, so thats why you get 20% of the picture (10% over and 10% under) as black fields on your TV screen. In addition the game slows down because it plays back all the frames that it was designed for, say for example 30 frames per second, but since the mode is 50 Hz, all you get is 25 frames per second, so by the time all the 30 frames have been played out, you are already at 1,2 seconds.
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