#1913766, By ksvenheim Virtual Console 50Hz travesty

  • ksvenheim 27 Dec 2006 15:57:56 32 posts
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    groovemeister wrote:
    Ah, so PAL 60Hz is basically NTSC then?

    Well, the colour signal is different than NTSC, so some TVs that don't support NTSC can still support PAL 60 (that's why the standard exists, and why you can set most DVD players to output PAL 60 when playing NTSC discs, rather than outputting NTSC).

    In any case, the roms themselves aren't PAL or NTSC, it's the hardware, or in this case the emulator that instructs how the game is to be displayed, there is basically a flag in the rom that says "hey, I'm meant for PAL" or "hey, I'm meant for NTSC" but it can be ignored. If the Emulators on the Wii were set to force 60Hz, it would be fixed automatically for all the games except those that have been PAL optimized.
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