#1985342, By major_tom Xbox 360 HD Drive Shortage - anyone got one?

  • major_tom 20 Jan 2007 23:35:51 134 posts
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    Xerx3s wrote:
    major_tom wrote:
    Xerx3s wrote:
    Yep because extremely outdated codec's really own the state of the art ones.

    what the hell, man? MPEG-2 rocks and blu-ray is blue and FIVE MILLION TIMES BIGGER blaaarghlarghagh.

    damn format war.

    Your momma is so big that even black holes get caught in her gravity field.

    YOUR mother is so outsized that additional units of astronomical measurement had to be devised to efficiently record her as an astral body.

    Your mother is actually Blu-Ray. It's a metaphor.

    /doesn't actually care about formats.
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