#1904863, By Tezzer PC EXPERTS NEED YOUR HELP! annoying mouse problem!!

  • Tezzer 21 Dec 2006 15:22:43 144 posts
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    I wondering if anyone could help me with this problem i have concerning my mouse and USB devices

    recently i broke my optical mouse so i had to resort to my stand-by logitech ball mouse which plugs in via usb

    right so iv got the mouse plug in via usb and everything fine, except when i plug another USB device into the computer such as a portable Memory stick/drive or a set of usb powered speakers..the mouse dies (it just doesn't move)

    Note: I cant plug anything in the usual green mouse slot because stupidly a little part of the old mouse snapped off and got stuck inside!! I know its so idiotic ( i apologize but this is the situation im in) argghh, how can i get it out??

    so im stuck with the problem of - The logitech mouse is in and and any other usb devices i plug in the any other usb slot will stop the mouse working

    Is it just the logitech mouse being stupid? or are all usb mice restricted when other devices are plugged in?(stupid question but i really dont know) if not, will a different mouse solve it?

    I really need help because im getting pissed off with having this mouse in and not being able to use my speakers or memory stick which has work on!

    Thanks in advanced

    /dying inside because of the stupid thing he has done to the green mouse slot
    /can only pray that replacing mouse will solve problem
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