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  • Bates 28 Dec 2006 19:04:04 348 posts
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    deem wrote:
    mcmonkeyplc wrote:
    I just played Zelda on the wii for about 30 minutes and colour me very very unimpressed.

    Take into account, im not a Zelda fan and the last time I played zelda was on the orginal gameboy about 15 years ago

    This is supposed to be the best game on the system, there are no voices! What kind of self respecting game in the 21st century has no voices! It adds to the atmosphere, improves the immersion etc. Instead all we get is some grunts.

    I also have no idea what im supposed to be doing, apparently its my day off. Sooooo what exactly do I do? In reality i'd play a few games, go the pub etc in the game I walk around aimlessly talking to people who tell me about their cats and how my fishing rod is with their mother.


    This game seems to have evoloved into 3d and better graphics and thats about it.

    I know i've only played it for 30 minutes but nothing made me want to keep playing for longer nothing kept me hooked.

    Im playing it wrong aren't I?

    What a fucking retard.

    You said it.

    Zelda is the best game released this year, hands down. Nothing else I've played comes close.

    I guess some people are just too blinded with their homo-erotic muscle man space marine shit fests that they've forgotten what a genuinely fantastic game looks like :D
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