#1916125, By Bates Zelda eh?

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    deathgibbon wrote:
    To be fair, Gears is an excellent game. Really close between that and this for GOTY for me. If you were to ask me right now I'd say Gears, but I'm still in the first dungeon in TP so we'll see how that goes. :p

    I thought Gears of War was a load of shit, and I only had to play it on Co-op for an hour(half the game from what I hear). Seemed to just rip off bits from other games(chiefly Resi 4) and not manage to be as good as some of them. It has looks, but pretty much nothing else as far as I'm concerned.

    Plus, the fact you knew what I was talking about from "homo-erotic muscle man space marine shit fest" really does say it all :D

    Zelda>>>>>>Gears of War

    Zelda is all uphill btw, so the first dungeon is really the tip of the iceberg. You're in for a hell of a treat, and one that'll actually last a few days too.

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