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    I don't mean this to become a fanboy war, but I was reading the GI article on sales over Christmas and there was a link to an article on 17/05/2005 called "E3 Opinion: Xbox 360 is outgunned and outclassed by Sony's PS3"...


    Looks very interesting now - I'm not having a go as I realise that was long ago, but what do you think of some of the exuberance and statements in there now we've actually seen both machines?

    Statements such as "We didn't expect to have our most fundamental beliefs about what next-generation games will be capable of changed. That, however, is exactly what happened." - have you seen anything on PS3 that justifies statements like that?

    Or "We're not just talking about a console that's twice as powerful as Xbox 360 in simple, logical terms (and bear in mind that that's a far, far greater gap in power than existed between PS2 and Xbox); we're talking about a console with more functionality, with fewer corners cut and with a genuinely more impressive line-up of software."

    Although I haven't seen anything to justify those statements yet, I do agree with the statements in the article about how MS were trying too hard to be hip and trendy and down with the kids.


    If you can be arsed.
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