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    manuel_garcia wrote:
    "What's more, it would be catastrophically moronic of Sony to fake that kind of presentation - and even if it had done, it will get found out in the end and get its backside kicked if that happens."

    I'm still waiting for that backside kicking article :)

    Its not as if EG was the only site though, practically every games site or article was on the same tilt, just blown away by what they saw.

    I mean I remember watching the conference myself and being amazed by it all, it was only the next day when the dust settles and you think "hang on thats bollocks".

    Unfortunately as EG or any of the sites dont have time to let any dust settle then stuff like this will happen. Its not a bad thing though, its just a record of the mood at the time. I'll bet a lot of people that watched that particular press conference felt the same way, even if most wont admit to it now.

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    I think that's what my problem is. I don't recall any follow up articles where they admit that they were well and truly fooled. I can understand getting carried away with the conference, but now they've had a chance to have a couple of months with the PS3, I'd love to see an article that revisits that one to make a comparison between the hype and the reality? Or even a commitment to do it in 6 months time once they have actually played some games? Not a 360 vs PS3 bloodbath article, just the hype of the PS3 versus the reality of the PS3 article.

    Any chance? Seems unlikely though, as no staffers have seen fit to comment in this thread...
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