#2870209, By Stachey Dirty Disc Error

  • Stachey 6 Dec 2007 18:04:08 418 posts
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    gizmo wrote:
    Still getting this issue intermitantly and Game say if I bring it in and it doesn't happen, they won't exchange it. It's 6 months old (Launch machine replacement after spring update RRD) and surely they should replace it. They say if they can't see that it's faulty they won't replace :p

    As the guy above notes...take your xbox360 in with a copy of Mass Effect:p

    That game stresses the drives so hard it's causing DDE for a lot of people with the older dvd-drives. My 360 was bought about 4 months after release, had it RROD in August but until Mass Effect hadn't experienced any other issues. One playthrough of ME later and now I can barely start the game up without having it crash out due to DDE.

    Like wrapping up your consoles to force it to RROD, playing Mass Effect essentially does the same to your dvd drive.
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