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    deem wrote:
    PondScum wrote:
    Dear God - pedant. Post something that isn't even old and someone pisses all over it. Where is the press statement announcement on EG??

    Fucks sake. No wonder I hardly ever post here any more.

    Jesus. Do you not think you over-reacted here slightly?

    Honestly? No. I think a mate tells me something which might be interesting. I think I do a quick search and can't see anything on the main site and see nothing immediately obvious on the forum, so I post what I think might be useful. Read the phrasing of polar's reply - does that seem encouraging of doing this in future to you?

    Believe it or not, I'm a pretty long-termer here (what, 4 or 5 years), but this seems like how things are now. I don't mean to sound like "things were better in the old days" but the apparent glee with which people are "old"ed when they don't have all day to sit looking at all posts in a very active forum grates.

    I realise this is an Internet forum and I'm pissing in the wind here, but I'd like it if people thought more about how they phrased things and less on one-up-man-ship.

    My 2p.

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