#1936362, By PondScum Xbox 360 Mark II revealed (now including HDMI!)

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    ilmaestro wrote:
    The 'MS employee makes himself look a prat in anxiousness to label Blu-ray the next Betamax' thread is proof enough that even MS employees who most people haven't heard of are quite willing to attempt a pop at Sony.

    Mate - I think you'll find he was actually more alluding to HD DVD being like Betamax potentially (saying basically well it's only $200 dollars for the HD DVD drive so even if it turns out like Betamax it's not that much).

    I don't mind the MS mudslinging, but at least keep it accurate.

    And if I buy a laptop and 12 months later they increase the HDD capacity and amount of RAM and sell it for the same price then personally I kind of just consider that my tough shit...
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