#1936530, By PondScum Xbox 360 Mark II revealed (now including HDMI!)

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    alexc7496 wrote:

    I think MS have always wanted to include the HD Drive as standard but it wasn't practical at the time of launch.

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    I honestly don't think that's true. I don't know why everyone's so keen on them releasing one with an HD DVD drive as standard. With an install base of at least 8 million, they can't start to release games on HD DVD, as they wouldn't be playable on all those units. So it really is for movie playback only. Which only a small proportion of the userbase will want to do in HD - and there's an extremely competitively priced add-on to let the very small minority who want to do it do it.

    An HD DVD drive as standard in the unit only makes sense when it is used for games. And MS have repeatedly said that's not the case. You also need to remember the probable length of the 360's lifespan...
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